English Information

Welcome to the English section of Stubai Yoga’s website! As you’ll likely notice, most of the information provided on this website is written in German. This is because the majority of those attending studio classes and “Fresh Air Yoga” events are native German speakers. Visiting guests of all nationalities are more than welcome to attend Stubai Yoga’s classes and events!


Stubai Yoga is mostly a “one-woman show”, with me (Sherry) teaching the majority of classes and ‘Fresh Air Yoga’ events. As a native English speaker from Canada, I can provide some English instruction during my classes and events but please note courses are primarily taught in German (excluding Yin Yoga). If you’re new to yoga and/or would like a customized yoga experience taught in English, I offer private yoga sessions. These sessions take place in Stubai Yoga Studio, in nature, or in your hotel.


I’ve provided the most important information in English below. In addition to reading this information, please take the time to look throughout this website, as the video (home page) and images give you a good sense of what to expect in terms of atmosphere during studio classes and ‘Fresh Air Yoga’ events.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my website, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to sharing yoga with you in Stubaital!!



About Yoga

Yoga means “to yoke” and refers to the connection of body, mind and spirit. It is a philosophy and science (not a religion) that can be used to develop or maintain a healthy body, a clear and calm mind or a spiritual journey. Practising yoga is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, experience level, physical condition, and cultural or religious background. Over yoga’s 4000-year old plus history, different streams of philosophical thought and types of yoga practice have developed. We respect that various interpretations exist as to what it means to practice yoga, and we invite you to simply take from Stubai Yoga’s classes those aspects that have the most value and meaning to you.

Stubai Yoga Studio Programs

Stubai Yoga offers regular weekly yoga classes in a fully equipped and inviting yoga studio in Neustift, as well as “Fresh Air Yoga” Events in the summer months at various beautiful nature locations in Stubaital.

Please refer to the “Kalendar” page of this website to see which classes and Events are being offered during your stay in Stubaital.

Stubai Yoga Studio

Finding Our Space
Driving along the main Stubaital road towards the glacier (traveling from Innsbruck), you will come to a traffic circle just past the large church in Neustift. Take the first right hand turn at this circle, and then the first left hand turn after that. The local Kindergarden and Senior’s Home (Altenheim) will be on your left hand side. In approximately 200 Metres you arrive at Stubai Yoga Studio on the right hand side of the street, shortly before the flower store “Blumen Mayr” across the street. Stubai Yoga Studio is located at the back of Scheibe 20, behind the mattress store “Sleep & Dreams”. The Studio is accessable via the driveway on the left side of the building. As of September 2012, the space has been completely renovated. Please see under „Studio Miete“ for pictures.

Business Hours
The Studio reception is open 20 minutes before and after each Yoga Class (view the Schedule under ‘Kalendar’).

Parking is available at the front of Scheibe 20, and in the driveway on the left side of the building. Please ensure that if you park in the driveway, you pull up to the car ahead of you and leave enough room on the right side for students to comfortably walk to the studio entrance. If you park behind another car, please plan to leave immediately after class so that no one is left waiting for you to move your car. Parking is also found next to the Kindergarden and in front of the „Freizeit Zentrum“/Swimming Pool and Recreation Centre (only a few minutes walk).

Studio Class Descriptions
Classes may be attended on a “drop-in” basis. Visiting Guests are welcome!!

Sanft (Gentle) Yoga – 90 Minutes

This class is held at a slower pace and exercises are selected and sequenced to support a healthy body & mind. Yoga props including blankets, blocks, bolsters, chairs and straps are often used to allow bodies to move into postures comfortably. All students will benefit from this class, including those with chronic health conditions, limitations related to age or size and those with a more vigorous yoga practice. No prior yoga experience required. For those with medical conditions, please check with your physician if you have any concerns about attending yoga.

Yin Yoga – 75 Minutes

This class is inspired primarily by Yin Yoga, and to a lesser extent Restorative Yoga. Restorative yoga poses may be thought of as “active relaxation”. By supporting the body fully in comfortable yoga positions with props, we open and relax body and mind at the same time. Yin Yoga is similar insofar as you are asked to relax into the postures, but stretching occurs on a deeper level and targets the dense connective tissue of the body – often in the hips, pelvis, and low back. Postures are held 3-5 minutes on average, allowing you to pay attention to feelings, sensations and emotions as they arise. This is a quiet, meditative-like class that is a wonderful compliment to an active sport practice, or as a grounding and relaxing practice on its own. This class is open to all levels but is not recommended as the best class with which to start your yoga practice. To some extent, it is an advanced class insofar as many beginners will find it difficult to stay so long in stretching positions practiced on the floor with little talking to distract the mind.

Healthy Back and Neck (Rucken und Nacken) – 90 Minutes

All our classes contribute towards spinal health. The difference with this class is that we spend more time on those postures that strengthen the back and core muscles, and we do stretches to free the spine and neck along with relaxation practices to encourage release of mental and physical tension. This class may be more demanding than our Sanft (gentle) classes but is still suitable for beginners. This class may not be appropriate for those with acute back and neck medical conditions. If you have a preexisting medical condition, please ensure that you have your doctor’s permission before taking this class.

Open – 90 Minutes

This class is open to a wide range of participants, aimed towards a moderately vigorous (i.e. more athletic) yoga level with modifications given for both beginners and more advanced students. Attention to alignment, personal inquiry into physical and mental sensations, breathing and relaxation practices are emphasized. Classes may be taught in a more static Hatha yoga style (i.e. postures are held for longer periods of time) or in a Vinyasa-Yoga style, connecting breath and flowing movements. Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace. No prior experience is necessary but it should be noted this class is more physically demanding than all the other yoga classes.

Ausgleich (Balance) Yoga – 90 Minutes

Yoga for body and mind regeneration to balance out your other activities. The classes include gentle dynamic movements to warm the body, practices to build core strength and stability, and cooling static postures held over time. Breath practices and gentle backbends and inversions are also included to rejuvenate, restore and relax body and mind. The level of difficulty is between that of the Sanft/Healthy Back & Neck classes and the Open classes.

Karma Yoga

These are donation only classes held irregularly in which money is collected for a good cause. Stubai Yoga Studio donates the space for free and the yoga teacher donates his/her time. If you know of a good cause that could use financial support, please feel free to contact us.

Private Yoga Sessions – 60 Minutes

In your private yoga session you will be guided through yoga poses appropriate for you and your goals. Great for beginners, those recovering from an injury, students who want additional help with pose modification, an opportunity to receive assistance with more advanced postures, or for those who simply wish to practice privately with a yoga teacher.

Yoga in Park, Yoga on the Mountain (Yoga am Berg) and Sunrise Yoga (Sonnenaufgang Yoga) – ‘Fresh Air Yoga’ Events in Summer

Feel the breeze on your skin and the earth under your feet while listening to birds singing, and observing the beauty of nature around you during your yoga practice. These ‘Fresh Air Yoga’ events are open to a wide range of participants, including beginners, but please note they are not the best introduction to yoga if you have physical limitations or injuries, as there are no yoga props available for these classes. Additionally, these events assume you can easily move up and down from the ground without assistance. Please bring warm and comfortable clothing with you. The ‘Fresh Air Yoga’ events only take place under good weather conditions. You are welcome to call 0043 (0) 699 1058 7703 prior to the class/event if it is unclear as to whether the event will take place or not. The calendar (Kalender page of the website) will also indicate 60 Minutes before an event if there is a cancellation due to poor weather conditions.

Single Yoga Studio Visit: 14 Euro
Yoga in Park, Yoga on the Mountain, Sunrise Yoga: 12 Euro
Seniors/Students: – 10%
Yoga-Mat Rental: 1 Euro
Gift Certificate: Available in any amount
Private class – one hour: – 60 Euros plus 10 Euros for each additional person
Preparing for your
Yoga Class
  • An empty stomach (i.e. no eating 2-3 hours before class) allows you to most comfortably practice yoga.
  • Please avoid wearing strong perfume, deodorant or aftershave to class as some students have allergies and asthma.
  • If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it. Yoga mats may also be rented for one Euro per visit.
  • Yoga is normally practised with bare feet. Alternatively, you may wish to wear slip-free socks (i.e. socks with rubber grips on the bottom).
Your first visit to
Stubai Yoga Studio
  • Please arrive 10 Minutes before class begins the first time you visit Stubai Yoga Studio. Classes begin punctually, after which time the studio front door is locked.
  • Shoes and Jackets are stored in the reception room, with personal “cubby-holes” available in the yoga room for storing valuables (i.e. purses, wallets, etc.)
  • Drinks are not allowed in the yoga room. Water/Tea is available in the reception area.
  • Please turn your cell phone off when you enter the studio.
Important Personal Considerations
  • Please practice compassion toward yourself, and don’t compare yourself with others.
  • Take a rest whenever you wish or need to. It’s not necessary to be flexible, strong or athletic to practice yoga. Mastering the poses is not the goal of yoga. The physical poses (called asanas) are simply a means to help you feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Inform the yoga teacher before class if you are sick, injured, pregnant or recovering from surgery, etc. This allows the yoga teacher the opportunity to suggest modifications or recommend that you avoid certain poses that might be contraindicated.
Studio Rental
Stubai Yoga Studio is available for rent during those times when it is not in use for Stubai Yoga Programs.